AI’s Value(s): Insights from Silicon Valley

A guide for brand leaders, marketers and communicators


Organisations globally are frantically building, and adopting, AI solutions. They’re recognising that this technology—whether generative AI, tech automation, or one of AI’s many other forms—is now essential for their future success.


But business competition, AI’s economic value, shouldn’t be organisations’ only concern. Its ethical implications, its values, are equally important—not just for the business, but for wider society as well.


In this report, contributors from Accenture, AI21, and VentureBeat share insights on striking the balance between getting business value from AI technology, and establishing its ethical values.


Themes covered in this report:

  • AI’s value: how it can power business impact and enterprise transformation
  • AI’s values: its ethics, inclusivity, and how it can be used to drive positive societal benefits